NFM SMAART Weapons System

NFM SMAART Weapons System

NF Manufacturing is a custom rifle manufacturer focused on increasing overall performance of the AR platform. Our rifles are best-in-industry and proudly made in North Carolina.

NFM SMAART Weapons System

Product Features:

With 65-position tuning capabilities, the NFM SMAART Weapons System allows shooters to make adjustments not only for atmospheric conditions but for variances across ammunition suppliers.

Our elite carrier is fluted front to back to reduce weight and disburse dirt and sand to prevent jamming. Then our entire carrier group is super-finished to remove all machining marks and surface blemishes which improves the carrier’s friction coefficient rating and brings the carrier to a mirror finish. Finally, the DLC or PVD coating is applied which also drastically improves the coefficient rating to surpass that of Teflon while adding an extremely hard surface which makes the carrier almost as hard as diamond.

With our NFM SMAART Weapons System you can realize increased lubricity, more wear resistant, smoother recoil, faster cyclic rate, easier cleaning, and less carbon fouling.

Product Videos:

Rob Anderson discussing the features of the NFM SMAART Weapons System at the 2014 Shot Show

Cyclic rate adjustable from approximately 600 rounds per minute to 1,000 rounds per minute.


  • Universal gas piston system with one-piece carrier
  • Infinitely adjustable to any pressure level
  • 65-position adjustable knob (Total of 80 for tear down/removal)
  • Available in PVD and DLC coatings
  • .01 coefficient of friction
  • Hardness rated at 3000 Vickers
  • Can withstand temperatures of 1,100°F
  • Coating is 2-3 microns thick

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NFM SMAART Weapons System