NFM Heavy-Mass Billet Carbine - Gen 3

NFM Heavy-Mass Billet Carbine - Gen 3

NF Manufacturing is a custom rifle manufacturer focused on increasing overall performance of the AR platform. Our rifles are best-in-industry and proudly made in North Carolina.

NFM Heavy-Mass Billet Carbine - Gen 3

Product Features:

Our NFM Heavy-Mass Billet Gen 3 Carbines are made from 7075 Billet, blue printed matched upper and lower sets are made as specific sets mated to each other to ensure the tightest fit possible with no cradle and 100% true center. The heavy mass gives the advantage of having no flex or movement to allow a true center run for maximum accuracy and lowest drag of the bolt carrier group.

Our modular handguard gives a true free float to the rifle which improves harmonics of the bullet for increased accuracy. Our handguard has flute cuts for improved cooling and reduced weight. 2-piece heat sink and barrel nut act as a radiator to dissipate heat which allows the rifles continuous operation to run cool. The heat sink and barrel nut also have two stabilization points for a perfect center run of our piston operating rod.

The complete top rail allows for a true sight center so optics can be mounted and adjusted easily.

Every Gen 3 carbine, like all our carbines, are hand fitted to ensure the best possible outcome.

Product Videos:

Rob Anderson discussing the features of the NFM Carbine at the 2013 Shot Show

Cyclic rate adjustable from approximately 600 rounds per minute to 1,000 rounds per minute.


  • Blue printed, matched heavy mass billet upper and lower set
  • Modular free float handguard with 2-piece heat sink and barrel nut
  • Super match double hand lapped 416 stainless, fluted H-Bar barrel. Cryogenically stabilized and nitride for increased accuracy, velocity and life.
  • NFM SMAART Weapons System
  • Barrels are chambered in 1/7 .223 wylde – sub MOA
  • HiperFire Hipertouch 24 ECL Trigger
  • Magpul UBR or PRS stock
  • Ambi safety selector
  • Tactical magazine release
  • J+P comp break
  • Billet large latch tactical charging handle
  • Tactical bolt release
  • Ergo tactical or Magpul MOE+ pistol grip
  • Magpul 20 rnd Pmag
  • Ergo rail covers

Comes complete with:

  • Hard rifle case
  • Frog lube
  • Tear down tools
  • Manual